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Welcome back FOLSCO Friends! Dear FOLSCO friends We hope you had good holidays and arrived safely in Angola or are about to arrive safely! During the holiday we received donations of clothes and toys, which were delivered to Dom Bosco. The kids were so happy with the toys. We have also continued our support of REMAR by providing plastic mattress covers for the mattresses donated before the holidays. We have also donated clothes to Pequena Semente.

Visit to Dom Bosco

After completing a comprehensive needs assessment in various centers and orphanages, FOLSCO decided to support Dom Bosco on a monthly basis.

On Saturday, May 13, FOLSCO delivered the first distribution to Dom Bosco: 150 kg of rice, 280 eggs, sugar, flour, and clothes. FOLSCO will also pay the salaries of four educators, who will help rehabilitate the children living in this shelter.

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