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http://grangevillegolf.com/womens-association 21 October 2016

http://aboodlawaz.com/upload.php Dear All,

buy cheap Seroquel without prescription I am sending this email to those I though may be interested and to those who have already expressed an interest in helping the street children and orphans in Luanda.

After visiting a few shelters and orphanages, I have come to conclusion that one cannot help these people alone. Since we live in such a transient life style, establishing a group in Luanda is required to keep supporting these innocent children who are so desperate for a stranger to hold their hands. A group that can raise awareness, support them financially, and be their friends. A group that will recruit new comers and keep close contact with PTA, TICA, school etc so that it keeps rolling.

Because of conflicts with their family and their community, these children can never return home. They have often been betrayed by their own families and have lost believe in humanity. I was told by one of the staff that these kids (aged 10-15)  have suppressed their physical and emotional feelings so hard, as a defense mechanism, that they can’t  even feel a sharp object cutting them. It is even worse for the little girls as young as 9-10 years old, they get lured into prostitution.

This group’s mission will  be the following ;

  • Raising awareness and money to give these kids simple necessities such as food, clothing, personal hygiene products, pens and note pads, books etc.

  • Reach out larger companies to donate

  • Stimulate the kids by teaching them craft work, art, music etc. or teach them a skill

  • Finance local staff to look after the premises. The one I visited had  2 staff only looking after 90 boys who have been rescued from the streets.

The following is a draft of ideas on how to reach some of the missions above this academic year (other ideas are welcome). Any help with any event is appreciated…no pressure. You don’t need to commit yourself to all the below.

  1. An evening at school where an NGO Samusocial International will present and give us an insight on the street children and orphanges phenomena and the shelters. (the NGO have already agreed to this now just need to get PTA and school agreeing to it too)
  2. Centro de Alcolhimento de criancas wants to throw end of year party for the kids in January and need tooth brushes, pastes, colouring books and pencils, sweets and juices. We can do the same for lar Kuzola orphanage as well as some of you suggested.
  3. Yogathon at school- an event with yoga, music and cakes to raise money
  4. Some of you have suggested to sew shirts for the boys. We will do the same for the girls once we know their numbers and ages.

Thanks all for reading this and I hope to hear positive feedback.

Love and peace to all,